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Stop The Traffik: Iceland

Human Trafficking In Iceland?

Human trafficking is a global problem that touches every community - even here in Iceland.

In 2019, our team set out to map Iceland´s current human trafficking manifestations and eradication efforts. We collaborated that information into the following report, and continue to advocate for the necessary changes identified in it's findings.


What We Do:



Creating the inclusive communities required to combat trafficking is not achieved by arriving at a destination - but rather by maintaining an active process of listening and responding to our community's ever-evolving needs.  Our approach at Stop the Traffik: Iceland is guided by continuous networking with stakeholders whether they be healthcare providers, politicians, grassroot activists, or everyday members of our community.  Through ongoing data-collections, we organize our strategies and advocacy to be relevant to and thereby effective for our local context.


We organize to get the information we collect into the hands of those who need it.  We run educational workshops on relevant topics trending in our research, and conduct everything from general awareness presentations to specialized trainings for workers, organizations, and the general public.  Follow our website for upcoming events, or send us an email to partner with us on an event together.



Check out the TEDx talk by our co-manager and chair, Logan Lee Sigurðsson titled - Human Trafficking: Our Community, Our Problem


Connect with us:

Whether you are interested in our work, want to support it or get involved yourself, or maybe just have a general question or are seeking advice - we want to hear from you!

We are an immigrant-led organization speaking Icelandic and English, but if you want to reach us in another language, we are more than happy to help arrange a translator.

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